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ACHE premieres at the Court Theatre

Heartache is so hot right now. Ache opened at the Court Theatre on Saturday to a full house and much… Read more »


MULE at Mid Winter Readings at the Court Theatre

If you’re in Christchurch on Sunday 15th June stop by the Court Theatre at 4pm and check out the public… Read more »


The Water Ballet Project

The Water Ballet Project (working title) is in development with Libertine Pictures. It is inspired by the water ballet group… Read more »

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Why Does Love? funded

I’m co-writing a Sunday Night Drama about NZ rock legends, The Exponents with Phil Smith from Great Southern TV !… Read more »

Three from Three!

Another great review of the Court production of Ache by Cityscape Ache: Time After Time There’s a touch of Groundhog… Read more »


The Press review of Ache

Another great review of Ache from Georgina Stylianou of The Christchuch Press Comedy made unique by honesty A trendy wedding…. Read more »

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