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Mule is a new play commission by the Court Theatre in Christchurch. It’s a two hander. Mule explores the lives of Anna and Danny, who meet via an internet dating site. On opposite sides of the world, one is the hunter and one is the hunted.

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The 53rd Victim

London is in chaos. Terrorists bomb morning commuters on their way to work. Death and destruction abound. Outside Tavistock Square, a New Zealand doctor boards a double-decker bus that has exploded, and saves a number of lives. The media hail her as a national hero – a bright upstanding woman with everything going for her. Yet, two weeks later, the woman is dead and her reputation is in tatters. ‘The 53rd Victim’ of the London bombings. Hero to victim in just ten days? How does such a fall from grace occur so quickly? Because Rachel Brooke Taylor was no doctor, and the subsequent enquiry into her act of heroism would unravel a fantastical life filled with self delusion and deceit.

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Auckland Theatre Company

Auckland Theatre Company have just completed a five-day workshop with public presentation of play ‘Squeak, Squeak – Tales of the White Mouse’ based on NZ born World War II spy/heroine Nancy Wake. Watch this space.


Adams Playwriting Award

Wow so this is exciting! Runner up at the Adams Playwriting Award. Second out of 97 other scripts!  Announced at a ceremony at Circa Theatre 29th March 2014. Congrats to Elizabeth Easter for taking out the big prize with SEED.  A great event to celebrate with lots of other flash writers and fans of theatre.

Here’s a picture of my award.  It’s slightly fuzzy due to the champagne.



Up North 037

Up North in Waipukurau

Waipukurau Little Theatre did a season of ‘Up North’ in March 2014.

PS This image is a painting done by Martin Maass inspired by the premier production at Centrepoint Theatre. Isn’t it amazing!