My work life summed up in 97 words

Pip Hall has worked as a full time writer for almost 20 years. One of New Zealand’s leading playwrights, Pip has multiple awards to her name including New Zealand’s most significant and prestigious theatre honour, the Bruce Mason Playwriting Award. Pip also works extensively in television as a writer, story liner, story/script editor, developer, creative producer and actor. She is co creator, co producer (and performer) of contemporary water ballet company Wet Hot Beauties. She currently has two feature films in development. A passionate advocate for writers, Pip is current president of the New Zealand Writers Guild.

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All work and no play makes Pip a dull girl.

When I am not working I like to do stuff. I play lots of sports, basketball and indoor netball. I have just taught myself to surf and am now a proud advanced beginner. I just did my first Tough Mudder – a 20 km mud run with 25 obstacles. I am still recovering from the electric shocks. I am married to Pete, who is an amazing and award winning film director. We have two kids, Billie is almost 12 and my son Tamai is 10. Somehow, I’ve ended up coaching my daughter’s netball team. I love to travel. I like forming clubs. My friend Jude and I accidentally started a synchronized swimming club that is still going seven years later and has morphed into a giant water ballet community. I like to cook and eat and drink and be merry so me and some mates formed a Roast Club for winter socializing. I love reading but I found out some years ago I am allergic to book clubs.