I’ve been doing lots of stuff in the twenty years I’ve been a professional writer.  Let me give you a brief highlights package of my screen experience.

My first job was a writer and performer for TV sketch comedy show Skitz way back in the last millinium. Dave Gibson (now CEO of the NZFC) plucked me from obscurity out of a large unrually bunch of students at a University Comedy competition. Literally tapped me on the shoulder and said hey do you wanna come work for us? And thus my career in TV had begun.

Since then I’ve also spent a lot of time working for Shortland Street. Mostly as a story liner. Known as serving time at the table of pain (as you have to share all of your most gruelling and heart breaking life experiences) this has taught me a heap about telling story, creating stakes and drama and character arcs and meeting a whole lot of super interesting people.

Since then I have been working consistently in a wide range of genres. Comedy, various sketch shows.

I have two feature films currently in development, plus a tele-feature.

I do a HEAP of freelance development work for production companies including:  South Pacific Pictures, Great Southern Television, Brown Sugar Apple Grunt, Touchdown Eyeworks, Greenstone Productions, TVNZ, Gibson Group, Cinco Cine and Filthy Productions.

If you want to see a full, no holds barred CV of everything I’ve done then drop me an email and I’ll flick one through.



Why Does Love? funded

I’m co-writing a Sunday Night Drama about NZ rock legends, The Exponents with Phil Smith from Great Southern TV ! And we just found out we got production funding! Thanks NZ on Air!




The Water Ballet Project

The Water Ballet Project (working title) is in development with Libertine Pictures. It is inspired by the water ballet group I co-founded, the Wet Hot Beauties.


Bombshell is based on award winning play ‘The 53rd Victim’. Well, after several drafts it’s actually pretty different now but that’s okay. It’s the nature of adaption.