I am a water ballerina. No, really.

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Seven years ago my friend Judy Dale and I wanted to try something different and fun in the form of synchronized swimming. We rang up a club and were told we were too old and they couldn’t help us. So we decided to do it ourselves. The deep end was too hard for us so we moved to the kid’s pool. With the help of choreographer Linda McFetridge, and some 1930s Busby Berkley inspiration, the Wet Hot Beauties were born.

What started off as 11 brave souls has morphed into a giant, award winning, contemporary water ballet community. We do small scale and large scale events at Parnell baths and this year for the first time, we did a series of community events around Auckland beaches. It’s fully inclusive and anyone can join who wants to. It’s been an amazing journey and has given lots of people a huge amount of pride and joy. Not only am I one of the co-creators, I’m also a co-producer and performer in the troupe. I’ve also done a couple of TED talks about the WHBs which you can check out. Also go visit our website and Facebook page – there are heaps of amazing photos.

WHB-logo-colourPip’s talk at TEDx Auckland describes the setting up of Wet Hot Beauties. See the video here.

See the Wet Hot Beauties website here: www.whbs.co.nz